Apartment N°3 Family

Comfortable and stylish living with a dream view of Lake Constance and the Alps. Absolutely unique.
Size: 56 qm
Dream location: South
Feeling well up to 4 persons

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The Apartment N°3 Family (56 M2) is located on the 1st floor offers a panoramic view of Lake Constance and the Alps. The bright Apartment N°3 Family is modernly furnished and ensures your well-being with natural wood floors, stylish interior and high-quality mattresses.

The living area and the adjoining bedroom can be divided into 2 rooms by a sliding element. A modern kitchenette (compact kitchen) and a spacious bathroom complete the living comfort.

The family version has a second bedroom with its own bathroom and allows a lot of space and comfort for a family or friends

The room diagrams and photos are samples and can vary.

Apartment amenities:

✔ Bathroom with shower (120×80 cm)
✔ WC, Hair dryer
✔ Bio body care products
✔ 2 Bedroom
✔ 2 Double bed 180 x 200 cm
✔ Living area
✔ Kitchenette (compact kitchen)
✔ couch (sofa bed): 200 x 160 cm
✔ 3 flat-TV/Radio, Minisafe
✔ Mini-refrigerator
✔ Free WIFI & Suite Pad
✔ Suitable bedding for allergy sufferers
✔ Please no pets

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Apartment N°3 Family price (4 pers.) including final cleaning  and currently applicable VAT tax.
Exclusive local visitor´s tax.

Price / per night
285 € – 295 €

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