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  • Welcome to Montfort-Schlössle Now in the 4th generation, run with much love by Alexandra & Peter, Montfort-Schlössle is eager to be a second home for a second home.We are proud of the fact that our “old idea” of all coming together and being happy has such power and such a strong aura in this magical place.    Sincerely, Alexandra & Peter Veh
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  • History– A journey through time until 1260/61 Montfort-Schlössle had its first documented as a guard tower in Striedolfingen (Ahnen-herrn Striedolf clan), then in the possession of the Lindau Noble Ladies’ Association. It was then passed on as an estate held in fee to masters Rotenstain in Grönenbach. Read the Chronicle of Montfort-Schlössle
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  • Hotel Montfort-Schlössle                                                                   Streitelsfinger Str. 38,88131 Lindau (Lake Constance), Germany               Phone: +49 8382 72811    Fax: +49  8382 73 291   Mobile: +49 179 5942839   E-Mail:      Web:
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  • PressWe offer journalists and media representatives a large selection of high-resolution images.Film & Photo locationDue to the unique location over Lake Constance with a view of the Alps and its historical architecture, Montfort-Schlössle is ideal as a location for photo shootings and filming.      Queries: Mrs. Alexandra Veh                                                                                           Phone: +49 8382 72811     Mobile: +49 179 5942839                                                       E-Mail: