Eco logical



We are deeply rooted in our homeland, in nature and in all living beings.

Our son Tom and all children should be able to experience the same magic as we experienced as children.

Waking up to birdsong in the morning. Bite into a crusty bread made by the village baker and drink milk that is not colored water. Running barefoot over dewy grass, through blossoming and species-rich meadows, sometimes to enjoy a bee sting.

Our intention is not to buy eco-certificates, Co2 emission rights and other “soothes of conscience”. Out of conviction, we live and work every day to support ecology (= the biological interrelationship between all organisms and their natural environment) as well as possible and to distrub it as little as possible.

And because we believe that with many small steps it is possible to do something good for our environment and to reduce our ecological footprint, we practice eco in many areas in our own way – logical for us!




The origin and the respectful handling of our food has always been a matter of course for us. It is important to us to have the certainty that animals are kept and cared for in a species-appropriate manner.

That fruit and vegetables can grow in the ground and in the open air at the right time of year. That transport routes are kept as short as necessary whenever possible. It must be guarenteed for our regional suppliers and partners that they get fair prices for their multiple manual work.


What we do – Positive Effect:

Breakfast a’la carte ( no buffet) – 50% less organic waste _ Regional & direct shopping – Co2  savings through short distances _ Fresh & seasonal shopping – 20 % less organic waste _ No finished or pre-portioned goods – 20 % less plastic packaging _ Make homemade according to your own recipes – 100 % Pure taste_ Freshly ground coffe etc., no capsules – approx. 14500 capsules (per season) _ No roducts with palm oil, e.g. chocolate spread – Reduction of forest loss, species death _ Canning fruits & berries; Cooking jam – 100 % reduction in artificial flavors _ Herbs; Process vegetables into pesto & soups – 100 % use of food _ Bottling of our own table water – 100 % no plastic bottles



A clean thing


A few years ago we asked ourselves whether this huge variety of cleaning agents (acooring to advertising, there is a perfect agent for every type of dirt) is really necessary. This also includes the small, plastic-packaged cosmetics, which are a great waste of material resources due to their single use.

Is it possible to produce cleaning and cosmetic items from good basic substances that are also produced ecologically, while at the same time curbing the immense plastic mania?

We found what we were looking for in Vorarlberg and met Marion, the head of UniSapon Today we only use a handful of products that produce 0% waste, are ecologically manufactured with plant-based detergents and natural essential oils and save may truck journeys.


What we do – Positive Effect:

Buy eco cleaner in concentrate form – save countless truck kilometers _ Proper mixing with water by us – 100 % fewer plastic bottles (filling takes place in the same PCR bottles) – 100 % fewer plastic bottles (due to the circulatory system)_ Use of eco-cleaner & eco skin care – 0 % animal testing required _ Use of environmentally friendly products – Water is much less polluted _ Retrun and refill of canisters – 0 % waste generated _ Use of eco hair shampoo shower gel – 100 % allergy free & plastic free _ “Green Day” Introduction (1 x per week no room cleaning) – 36 kWh energy, 4000 l water per season not used _ No daily change of towels (towels are changed on guest request) – 1,2 kWh energy, 42 l water, 40 g detergent/dryer not used per machine _ Light bulbs, lamps switched to LEDs – approx. 75-80 % energy savings.